Alongside assisting private individuals, Seashell Travel also works with businesses
and organizations. These are a few of our customers:


Seychelles Government


·    President’s Office

·  Ministry of Health

·  Ministry of Finance

·  Seychelles Public Transport Organization

·  Embassy of the People’s Republic of China




·  Constance Lémuria (Seychelles)

·  Banyan Tree Resorts (Seychelles)

·  Four Seasons Resorts (Seychelles)

· Kempinski Resorts (Seychelles)

· Hilton Hotel & Resort (Seychelles)




·  Indian Ocean Tuna LTD (HEINZ)

·  Seychelles Breweries Ltd

·  Seychelles International Business Authority

·  World Health Organization

·  Central Bank of Seychelles